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For many retailers, the winter holiday season is make-or-break time for their business.  Ecommerce retailers are no exception. It doesn’t matter whether your goal is to start fast with your first product or add another winner to your hot selling store.

The list below from Hotproducts.io is a great place to start looking. Let’s jump right in!

1. Baby bottle warmer:  

As temperatures drop, new moms (and dads) will need a way to keep their milk and/or formula at the perfect temperature.  The months before the winter season, August and September, are also the months with the most newborn babies, so there won’t be any shortage of customers.


2. Waterproof Reusable Shoe Covers:

With ice and snow, come mud and slush…and stains all over your favourite footwear.  Cater to shoppers who have invested in the hottest fall fashions and want to keep them looking great!


3. Blazers:  

Shoppers get to kill two birds with one stone here.  A new blazer keeps them warm and looking sharp for holidays with friends and family.

4. Oversized Jacket:  

This one is more about function than fashion, as sales spike dramatically in December and January.  It’s a perfect example of something people need more than they want.


5. Knit Dress:  

Nothing says “cosy nights curled up by the fire” like knit clothing.  As an added bonus, clothing is one of the most popular gifts of the season!



6. Tactical Pants:  

In many parts of the world, winter is synonymous with “hunting season.”  Capitalize on this need with these heavy duty yet flexible garments.


7. Shoe Dryers:  

Ski trips and snowball fights are a great way to enjoy the coldest part of the year, but they usually leave your feet soaked.  Offer frustrated shoppers a speedy way to dry out their footwear after all their winter fun.



8. Rain Jacket:

These are popular in temperate regions, where winter means more rain than snow.  Find yourself some stylish Macs and watch them fly off the shelves.


9. Pet House:  

Even Fido needs to stay warm and dry.  Take advantage of owners who may have adopted over the summer, or those looking to upgrade before the weather turns nasty.

10. Indestructible Work Shoes:  

These serve the same need as the shoe covers.  Pick a few trendy styles and you can save your shoppers the hassle of keeping track of two extra items when they’re out and about, or even when they are on site.


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11. Anti-Theft Backpack

These are one of the more recent trends on the list.  Anti-theft backpacks are popular during the winter months, likely as travellers head home for the holidays.

12. Kawaii Face Mask:  

One of the worst parts of winter is the cold and flu season that comes with it.  Give your customers a stylish way to protect themselves from airborne germs.


13. Pillow Case:  

A comfy bed is one of the best ways to shelter yourself against the cold. Many shoppers look to replace their pillowcase after a summer of sweating on it!


14. Magic Convertible Scarf:  

The number-one place the human body loses heat is off the top of the head or neck.  And with this multipurpose scarf that has a secret pocket, it will keep your customers warm and on-trend at the same time.

15. Lunch Box:  

Back-to-school isn’t the only season lunch boxes are popular.  They also make a great gift for aunts, uncles, and grandparents to offer the kids in their life.

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16. Tea / Coffee Spoons: 

Anything associated with a hot beverage is going to sell stronger during winter months.  Decorative spoons are also a favourite of new adults who are hosting gatherings for the first time.


17. Pencil skirts:  

These sensible garments offer a combination of professionalism and sex appeal.  For many shoppers, they are a go-to option for a family get-together or an office holiday party!


18. Electric Water Heater:  

Winter is a brutal time for heating problems of all kinds.  Be a hero for shoppers who are tired of poor performance from an aging boiler or gas heater.

19. Men’s Underwear:  

Guys are notorious for not being able to think ahead.  As the weather turns, they realize the need for both regular and thicker underwear styles.


20. Hair Repair Mask:  

Cold, dry air wreaks havoc on shoppers’ silky locks.  Offer a repair solution for a nice, steady revenue stream.

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21. Face Mask: 

Much like the Hair Repair Mask,  Face Masks are a critical step in many shoppers’ maintenance regimens.  And, much like hair repair, sales peak when the weather valleys.


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22. Flannel Pajamas:  

Nothing works better than a nice set of flannel PJ’s for keeping warm on a cold night.  And you don’t have to heat the whole house when you wear them!


23. Seamless Yoga Pants:  

Sports don’t stop just because the weather changes.  Sell sportswear made for the season and meet their need for active wear that keeps them active all year long.

24. Crop Top Long Sleeve: 

This is another wonderful product to sell to shoppers looking to stay both warm and stylish.

25. Dog Raincoat: 

Another product for pet lovers!  Make sure to offer a variety of sizes and fits for different breeds.

26. Mouth Mask / Ski Mask:  

These sleek looking masks keep your neck and face warm, and they stay put much more easily than a scarf.


27. Steel Straws:  

These avant-garde accessories bring a touch of class to any beverage, and help keep waste out of landfills at the same time.  It’s a great way to make good on at least one New Year’s resolution!


28. Swimming Goggles:  

Sports enthusiasts often turn to indoor activities as they look to escape the cold.  A nice set of swimming goggles can help them enjoy the pool that much more!


29. Tablecloth: 

A fresh tablecloth is one of the easiest ways to spruce up a dining room before a big dinner.  Offer a few classic designs to hosts and hostesses looking to impress.

30. Tooth Whitening Pen: 

A quick round of whitening can brighten anyone’s smile for holiday parties or New Year’s Resolutions.  Find the right value for your shoppers and cash in on the increase in sales.


Obviously, not every product is right for every ecommerce retailer.  Find the products that are right for your business, then use the launch tips from Hotproducts.io, and you’ll make the most of this critical season!

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*Image sources: Google Trends & HotProducts.io Members Dashboard

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