Email vs. Facebook Messenger4 min read

It’s a battle as old as time

Okay, it might not be that old, but it is a battle that has digital marketers and Ecommerce business owners drawing hard lines in the sand.

And to each sides’ credit, they are right to some extent.

But to settle this one once and for all, let’s get into this week’s Marketing Match Up…

Potential to Reach Your Audience

A well crafted marketing attempt is only as good as its ability to reach potential customers. Even the most well written piece of persuasive copy implemented within a researched strategy will fall flat if it doesn’t make its way to a potential customer.

So how do these two stack up in the first category?

Facebook Messenger

Boasting over a Billion, yes Billion with a capital ‘B’, active users each week, Facebook Messenger has a pretty impressive scope of reach.

So with a number like that, the potential to reach a customer is extremely high given the percentages of open rates…

With nearly 14% of the world’s population able to be reached via Messenger, that number is going to be hard to beat. So how does email compare?


It’s been around since the advent of the internet and has gone through more iterations than any other online message service, so what’s the potential reach of email?

Well, at best estimate, nearly half of the world’s population actively uses email and that number is expected to increase in coming years.

So, while Facebook Messenger does have some pretty high stats, email is utilized by nearly half of the world which means this round goes to email.

Though that said, being able to reach and actually reaching a potential customer are two different things, which takes us to our next category…

Open/View/Click-Through Rates

Being able to get a message to a potential customer is a victory but it is only part of the marketing battle. Even if your message makes it into an inbox, it means nothing until a potential customer opens and reads it.

So who do the stats favor in this category?


After taking into account the stats of some of the most widely used email marketing campaign services, the numbers for email are a bit lower than you might hope. On average, the amount of people that will open, just merely open and not actively engage with, hovers between 15-24%.

That means at best, a quarter of your audience is at least opening and reading a few lines of your well thought out marketing strategy.

How does Facebook Messenger compare?

Facebook Messenger

This time around, the numbers are a bit more varied. Sources like Medium and LinkedIn offer reports that Facebook Messenger boasts nearly a 98% open rate while other publications are a bit more conservative, putting the number in the mid to high sixties.

Either way, with those stats, one thing becomes painfully obvious, quite a bit more people are willing to engage with marketing material if sent via Messenger.

The winner of this round?

With over triple, and by some accounts quadruple, the number of people opening messages sent via Facebook Messenger, the round easily goes to Messenger. Okay, so with two rounds over and each service with one victory a piece, it’s time to settle it in the final round…

Ease of Use


So you’ve decided to set up an email marketing campaign to keep visitors in your sales funnel.

To do so, you have to pick an email client to send the emails, create the copy, ensure it is mobile optimised, set up triggers, and of course find a way to collect emails.

And while plenty of email clients will help automate the process with templates and even provide some great places to start copy-wise, it can be a bit much at times, especially if you’re going to be creating an email heavy campaign.

Facebook Messenger

Once Facebook opened up its Messenger APIs to developers, a rush of chatbots were created, making the entire process of reaching potential customers easy and best of all, automated.

That said, not all chatbots and services are created equal.

Some are more suited to Ecommerce and increasing sales, like RocketMessage, while others are more focused on other aspects of marketing in the digital age.

Finding the right one can be a bit of a task, but as far as setting up and utilization, Messenger chatbots were created with simplicity in mind.

So who does the round go to and who wins the Match Up…?

Well with 2-1, the match goes to Facebook Messenger!

Though it may lack the available reach of email, with higher CTR/open rates and a more user friendly set up, the online messenger service just beats out the classic email.

That said, both do have a place in digital marketing within Ecommerce and certainly can provide better results when used together. Though for time and money, Messenger and chatbots provide a better ROI than email.

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