Getting Your First Sale4 min read

It’s a question that every newcomer to the Ecommerce space seems to ask…

“When will I start making sales?”

And that’s completely normal to wonder…

There is, of course, the amount of runway you have, the time you can spend each day, and a slew of other things to consider when first starting out.

So it’s understandable to ask when you might start seeing a profit.

That said, the answer is probably not what you want to hear…

See, within Ecommerce, especially when you first set up and open your store, there is no set amount of time that will guarantee you a profit.

It would be nice if all you had to do was stay open for six weeks or two months, and like magic, profits would start pouring in.

But…that’s just not the reality of the industry.

For some, it might be as little as two weeks before the sales start regularly adding up. For others, it might be a lot longer. How long it takes depends on a few factors.

So since I can’t give you a definitive timeline, and to be honest, no one can, let’s look at some of the things to consider when trying to make it as you start within the space.

Bridging the Gap Between Starting and Getting Sales…

Ecommerce is really not too complex when broken down to its most basic parts. There’s really only four key steps between starting your business and raking in sales.

Essentially it is only:

  • Getting visitors to view your product

Bringing people into your store and getting them to physically view your products is the first step. Doing that requires a bit of marketing and understanding how to leverage social media, among other things, but it really boils down to just getting visitors

  • Getting those visitors to add your product to their cart…

Okay, so you have them in your store already, the next obvious step is them adding something to their cart. This is where having a winning product and understanding your target audience will come into play because even the most compelling social marketing strategy will not make people purchase something they don’t want.

  • Getting visitors to initiate checkout

Once the visitor has added everything to their cart, the next logical step is getting them to initiate the process of purchasing. For this, you could employ scarcity timers, special offers, or whatever works for you just as long as it gets your visitor moving through the process and onwards to the most important step…

  • Getting them to make the purchase…

That’s quite literally all it is in this business. Though getting visitors to move along the steps is admittedly easier said than done.

But when you break it down into these fours steps you can start to see where along the path to a purchase you need to focus your efforts.

Say for example…

You have visitors pouring in, they add items to their cart, but somewhere between adding items to their cart, initiating the checkout, and actually making the purchase, they drop off, abandoning their cart in the process.

When broken down into the four steps, you can see that your marketing strategy is working as you have visitors coming to your store. Your products are winners as people are interested in purchasing, at least enough to add them to their cart. But you’re losing them between step three and four.

From there you can see what you need to fix in order to push them along to the final step, whether it be adding a cart abandonment app like RocketMessage, a scarcity timer such as Timerly, or what have you.

The main point is being able to identify where you are losing them and working back from there.

By identifying the problem and working backwards towards the first step, you correct the mistake while strengthening your entire funnel towards the purchase, which is a win-win.

The Golden Number Of Days…

Now, I know that probably wasn’t what you wanted to hear, but that’s the truth to this business.

There is no magic number of days you have to wait until you make sales.

It boils down to being able to dissect your business and find what is and isn’t working, all in order to make adjustments along those four steps.

It’s less of a waiting game and more of a fine science in which you experiment, test, and replicate results.

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