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What is an Influencer?

Instagram influencers are vital parts of modern day marketing strategies. Similarly, for smaller companies, starting off with a micro influencer will not only save money long term but also easier to manage. Additionally, by using a micro influencer you will ensure that their full attention is dedicated to you and your brand. Subsequently, according to a blog posted by Izea, micro influencers are people on social media with less than 100,000 followers. Despite the seemingly lower level of followers, micro influencers tend to have a very loyal fan base.

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Ready to get started?

Just follow the simple steps below!

Therefore, before you reach out to anyone, be sure to take some time to plan your strategy. Ask yourself what your main goals are for your campaign. 

  • Do you want to increase site traffic or actual purchases?
  • Who is the main audience for your product? What types of accounts are your customers most likely to follow and engage with? 

Likewise, these hypothetical questions can be used to make you think critically about the type of user engagement you want to have with your influencer and the types of accounts you should be prioritizing. 

How Do I Know Which Influencer Is Right For Me?

For example, if you own a cooking and kitchen niche store you would probably want to contact an Instagram famous chef or kitchen designer. instead of a professional photographer. So, the account and your product should mesh together seamlessly in order to ensure the best results and profit margins! 

A great service to try out if you’re looking for a bit more assistance is Influencer Marketing Hub. They offer great social media marketing services and have curated a list of up-and-coming Instagram influencers to watch, sorted by niche. 

Examples of Influencers to Use

In conclusion, below we have included a list of 5 micro-influencers Instagram accounts all across different niches that are about to make it big. Be sure to hit them up with a follow or direct message them to see if they would be the right fit for your ecommerce store: 

@talia.fickel via Instagram
  1. @talia.fickel || The Velvet Blonde 
  • This account is run by a college-aged aspiring fashion blogger and could be great for your fashion niche store! 
  • Blog:
@thesweetandsimplekitchen via Instagram

     2.  @thesweetandsimplekitchen || Kristie Pryor 

  • Perfect for your kitchen niche store! This account features mouth-watering photos of delicious breakfast and dessert recipes and would be great for an endorsement deal with your store. 
  • Website:
@rebekahgullo via Instagram

       3. @rebekahgullo || Rebekah/Fashion and My Fellows 

  • American mother is currently raising a baby and curating a blog and social media following to share her experience with the world. This micro influencer has previously posted other sponsored content, and your niche store could be next! 
  • Blog: 
@gypsybelletravel via Instagram

    4. @gypsybelletravel || Christine/ The Gypsy Belle 

  • Do you own a hiking or outdoors niche store? Want your products to be featured by influencers? This hiking aficionado currently runs a blog and Instagram account to document her travels, and one of your products might be next!
  • Blog:
@tokio_poodleboy via Instagram

   5. @tokio_poodletoy || T O K I O 

  • This adorable poodle account posts pictures and products related to raising a dog. As a result, this account would be a fantastic way to advertise products from your pet-related niche store. 
  • Contact Info: [email protected]

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