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For many entrepreneurs and business owners, supporting the environment may seem like a far-reaching and complicated endeavor. Many companies have already made the plunge towards combining marketing strategies with environmental activism. Two of the largest online shopping platforms have consciously made an effort to use recycled materials and give back. Read on for more information!

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Companies Making A Difference

The first one that comes to mind is the clothing company Patagonia. Founded in 1973 in Ventura, CA by environmentalists, Patagonia encourages travel seeking and adventures. Patagonia sells clothing and equipment designed for outdoor activities, and actively participates in environmental activism and giving back. Additionally, part of their advertising model is based on successful stories of adventurers wearing their products. Patagonia also runs its own environmental non-profit, Patagonia Action Works. Patagonia Action Works main goal is to connect grassroots activists with supportive customers. By connecting these two groups together, Patagonia continues to promote climate change action. through both non-profit work and using sustainable materials in their products.

Saving the planet has become more essential and timely now more than ever before. Although remaining environmentally conscious may seem impossible, there are many different ways to implement small differences in your store. Similarly, the Huffington Post lists seven easy ways to help your business to participate in environmental activism and save money too. An example of a company that strives to always give back is Ecosia. Ecosia is a search engine and Google Chrome Extension. They donate 80% of their surplus income to non-profits that specialize in conservation. As a result, Ecosia has successfully planted over 61 million trees so far. A super simple and easy way to help the environment is to download the Ecosia Google Chrome Extension. By doing so, whenever you search something on the Internet you are helping to make the world a greener place.   

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Environmentally Friendly Shopify Stores

Many ecommerce companies and stores, such as Little Green Shop, specialize in selling eco-friendly products. An example of a successful environmentally friendly ecommerce business is Allbirds. This store focuses on selling fashionable sneakers and walking shoes that are made from recycled materials. Recently, they have been named one of the 50 Best Shopify Stores for Inspiration. According to their website, one of the co-founders was inspired by a sustainable resource that had never been utilized in the footwear industry before. By starting from a small sustainable idea — wool shoes — Allbirds is now one of the most successful and profitable Shopify stores. Allbirds has had lots of positive press coverage. Including being featured by InStyle, CNN, Wall Street Journal, and Time Magazine. 

One of the primary ways that Allbirds sticks to its environmentally conscious mission is by using over 90% recycled packaging. The packaging and shipment of products are two ways that companies can easily reduce their carbon footprint. If possible, try to choose the dropship supplier that is closer to your customers and uses recycled materials in their shipment processes. Reducing the amount of packaging or the distance that products need to travel are easy ways to do your part for the planet. With, you would be able to search for local suppliers based in the UK, US or the EU.

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Products to Sell!

Similarly, online marketing and shipping are not the most earth-conscious option, yet by selling products that encourage a plastic-free lifestyle, companies are able to make money while promoting environmental activism. Mass production helps to utilize every raw material during production and is much cheaper than customizing and individually shipping customized products. 

Some products you could keep an eye out for that would fit into the mission of a sustainable ecommerce store include reusable food storage such as beeswax wraps and camping gear. Even though camping gear does not directly promote a sustainable lifestyle, camping and exploring the outdoors are important activities to help encourage people to give back and take care of the earth.

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