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According to Shopify, roughly 60-80% of online shopping carts are abandoned. You might be wondering how to reduce your abandon cart rate. Don’t worry, there is an easy way to alleviate this problem  — by using abandon cart reminder emails. Even though Shopify stats show that so many shoppers abandon their carts, the same data also states that these abandon cart emails have high success rates of converting your visitors, into customers. Abandon cart recovery emails are essential to ecommerce stores. Nearly half of all abandon cart emails are opened. Subsequently, these emails lead to a third of previously abandoned carts turning into new sales. 

How To Reduce Your Abandon Cart Rate

Thousands of businesses use this tactic to help turn lost sales into new sales. 

Major online shopping companies such as Macy’s and Nordstrom proactively send abandon cart email to their customers to encourage them to return and purchase(s) their abandoned items. 

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How Do I Send The Emails?

For Shopify stores, there is a fantastic app available that can help automate your abandon cart email — RocketMessage! According to data found by Statista, in the first quarter of 2019, nearly 2.38 billion people were actively using Facebook. Alternatively, Statista estimates that 4.4 billion people will be actively using email by 2023. In order to successfully reach the most amount of customers with your abandon cart email, you have the freedom to tweak your abandoned cart strategy to suit your store best. 

The average age for email and Facebook Messenger users varies. For example, research has shown that in 2017, 93.4% of people aged 25-44 and 90.5% of people aged 45-64 use email. On the other hand, similar research found 81% of people aged 18-25 rely on Facebook Messenger. 

One of the best features of RocketMessage is that the app easily lets you use both Facebook Messenger and emailto send abandon cart notifications to your customers. As a result, you can contact your cart abandoners through whatever platform suits them best. This way, you can regain lost sales from all website visitors who are over 18. 

Check out the awesome tips below to earn back money easily and effectively, through cart reminder notifications. 

  1. Always include a reminder of what was in their abandoned cart. Sometimes, even just a slight nudge in the right direction can encourage your visitors to go ahead and make a purchase. 
  2. Many of the catchiest and most successful abandon cart email feature photos of the products in the cart. By showing the customer the product again, they are reminded of why they initially added it to their cart. As a result, they are much more likely to go ahead and buy it. 
  3. Most people look at the subject line before deciding whether to open or ignore an email. Pique their curiosity with relevant and catchy subject lines, but take into account that if your subject is too spammy, some email providers such as Gmail and Yahoo may sort your email into the spam/promotions folder! 
    1. Examples of Good Subject Lines: 
      1. We Are Still Holding The *insert product(s) name* For You. Act Fast If You’d Like To Purchase!
      2. Please Click The Link Provided To Complete Your Purchase. 
      3. Thanks For Visiting Us At *insert company name*! We See You Left Some Items In Your Cart…
  4. The most important feature to add to your abandon cart email is a link to return the buyer back to your site. You want to make it as easy as possible for them to return to their cart and complete the order. Be sure to keep the text in tone with the rest of your written marketing materials. 
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Not only will adding abandon cart notifications increase your ROI, but they will also help increase customer loyalty. A common ecommerce tactic is to offer rewards programs instead of immediate discounts. By offering a rewards incentive you actively encourage the customer to buy the product they left in their cart and continue to shop at your store. When you offer just a one-time discount, you are likely to lose valuable revenue. 

Abandon cart notifications through either Facebook Messenger or email will help you gain back customers and easily increase your overall profit margin!

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