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There are many challenges facing anyone who tries to grow a successful dropshipping business in today’s marketplace.  You need to find suppliers, check for quality, and analyze prices. You then need to develop a world-class listing to attract customers and then manage your supply chain.  Then, even after you win the sale, you need to follow up on customer feedback and handle any complaints or returns. But none of that matters if you can’t find the hottest products!

There are many tools available to you if finding products is not your strength.  They are also helpful if you have a lot of good ideas for products and you want to know which are truly Hot Products.

In this article, we are going to look at two of the most popular: Ecomhunt and  

We will understand the strengths and weaknesses of each product so you can decide which one you will use to help you make your business a success!


Let’s kick things off with a look at a one of the newer softwares on the market:  Ecomhunt. The first thing you notice about any app is, of course, the interface. Ecomhunt’s interface is clean and organized.  

The product suggestions appear in neat little rectangles, each with a thumbnail photo and links to several key data sets (pricing, engagement, advertising, audience targeting suggestions, and other analytics).  Navigation is intuitive and logical.

Ecomhunt vs - Dropshipping
Ecomhunt – Dashboard

The blocky appearance gives Ecomhunt a somewhat unprofessional appearance, however, as if the software was developed in a hurry. And the software contains a lot of upsell advertising and affiliate links.  

Sometimes these can be useful and give you good ideas for your store. They can get annoying after a while, however, and distract you as you try to find you next hot product.

Now let’s talk about what really matters:  the products. Ecomhunt offers two different product “streams.”  You can search for General products or Niche products, depending on what you want for your store.  

The General option seems to work better than the Niche option. Some of the Niche suggestions can be puzzling, which forces you to sort through more listings than you might want.  But, overall, its suggestions are intriguing. The only complaint some testers have is that Ecomhunt finds the same products as other tools, such as Pexda or Product List Genie.

Ecomhunt vs - Ecommerce
Ecomhunt – Product Dashboard

So how does Ecomhunt differentiate itself?  There are a lot of features that can help you decide which hot products you want to sell.  With one click you can see the estimated cost and pricing information, or you can import data from Google Analytics to see how often people engage.  

The data isn’t perfect. Sometimes it seems like every product says it’s for buyers age eighteen to sixty-five, for example. But it can be useful as you consider all the different product suggestions and think about what will work for you.

Once you have chosen your product, EcomHunt also helps you launch it in your store.   It comes with some high-quality advertising materials which you can copy into your store listing.  Or, if you’d rather, you can use it to generate Facebook Video Ads. It also comes with a tool to help you build audiences within Facebook for those video ads.  

Browse some suggestions for websites with similar interests, then build a Facebook audience made up of people that have visited those websites. This is can be a great way to fill up the first ring of your content funnel.  For more on developing a content funnel, see our exclusive article, The Ultimate Facebook Video Ad Guide.

Then, of course, there is the price.  EcomHunt checks in at a very reasonable $29 / month, which is quite a bit lower than some tools such as Product List Genie.  If you aren’t ready to commit, you can take advantage of their 14-day free trial and see how you like the app before you sign up.  

All in all, EcomHunt is a serviceable option for the average dropshipping store owner.  It offers many of the same features available with other product finding apps, plus one or two extra tools.  And it does so at a competitive price. However, just a fair warning, it does have a lot of upsells that blocks you from enjoying the site fully.

Ecomhunt vs - Dropshipping
Ecomhunt – Upsells

Up next, let’s review the pros and cons of another popular ecommerce software:

The interface here looks more professional.  The color scheme is a bit more subtle than Ecomhunt, which gives the user the sense that they are in control.  The navigations are also fluid and smooth. Compare an upscale department store to a crowded row of street vendors and you’ll have some idea what this means.  

Ecomhunt vs - Dropshipping – Dashboard

The product suggestions are automatically sorted into groups, which increases the sense of choice for the user. It assumes that you have an idea of what you’re looking for, so it helps you find it right away.  Ecomhunt, on the other hand, offers random suggestions as its default.

Speaking of products categories, also groups its suggestions by their level of hotness.  Are you just starting out with limited capital? Do you want a nice, safe product without a lot of competition?  Browse the “Hot” or “Warm” products for options that haven’t taken off…yet. Do you already have a successful Shopify store and can afford to take some chances?  Are you a marketing ace that can take advantage of a window that is closing fast? Do you have good relationships with a network of suppliers that can keep up with a spike in demand?  Then a “Super Duper Hot” product might be worth the risk for you.

It isn’t like hunting for a needle in a haystack with The app helps you narrow your search down in a variety of different ways so you don’t spend time on products that don’t make sense for your store.

Ecomhunt vs - Dropshipping – Product Dashboard helps you out after you choose your products too.  It offers all of the usual analytics, such as Facebook statistics, video ad support, and estimated pricing and profit amounts.  It also offers an interesting engagement calculator. You can use this to quantify the interest this product already generates on its own.  This can help you generate your Facebook Video Ad campaign or plan other marketing efforts. You also get multiple AliExpress links to choose from with most products, vs the one you get with EcomHunt.  And, for Shopify users, you get the 1 Click Import feature to help you list your items with the click of a mouse. offers some helpful marketing materials as well.  Like Ecomhunt, if provides suggestions for ad copy and links to quality photos.  But goes beyond that with two unique features: Facebook Video Ads Generator and Facebook Ads Audience Builder.
Facebook Video Ads Generator is designed to be a one stop shop for developing your content funnel.  It guides you through your ad campaign, helping you decide what sort of ads to present and when. You can plan out the first ad viewers will see, then the second, the third, and so on.  These features are not magic. You still need to think like a marketer, and you still need to know your audience and what appeals to them the most. But, if you use it wisely, it will help you get your message across at each point in the campaign.

Ecomhunt vs - Dropshipping – Video Ads Generator

The complementary feature, Facebook Ads Audience Builder, can help you decide what to do with that content.  It offers up a variety of suggestions that it things will align with your product. If you agree, you can select the websites whose traffic you want to target.  When combined with the Facebook Video Ads Generator, it can walk you through the entire process of planning your campaign.

Now we’ll get to the sixty-four thousand dollar question: how much are all of these features going to cost me?  Surprisingly, not much. Their basic plan is only US$27 per month – a few dollars less than most other product evaluation apps.  Unlike Ecomhunt, they don’t offer a free trial. There is a 7-day money back guarantee, however, so you can effectively try the product for a week before you make a commitment.  In addition, there are some unique incentives for their subscribers. These include exclusive content for and a referral program, which rewards partners that help them grow their user base.


In conclusion, both products are low-cost options to help you grow your dropshipping business.  They both offer a selection of quality suggestions, and they both support their subscribers with tools to help them list and advertise the products they choose.

Ecomhunt vs - Dropshipping – Engagement Calculator, however, offers a little more for a little less.  The greater variety of product groups, the 1 Click Import Feature, and the Facebook integration options (Facebook Video Ads Generator and Facebook Ads Audience Builder) all surpass anything included with Ecomhunt.  Add to this the professional appearance and the lower cost membership options – not to mention the unique incentive plans – and the choice is clear. offers more value for less money that Ecomhunt.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our breakdown between the two softwares. Do let us know in the comments if you would like us to feature any other softwares in our blog!

Happy Selling

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