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Product Matchup: Pexda Vs HotProducts.io9 min read

Welcome to the latest in our series of articles to help you find the best tools for your ecommerce business!  In our last article, EcomHunt vs, we compared two popular apps for people looking for their next Hot Product. was a clear winner, in our opinion.

But being the better of two options hardly makes something the best now, does it?  And so, the search goes on…

In this article, we will compare to another popular product hunt tool:  Pexda. Once again, we will review the strengths and weaknesses of both and see how each stacks up.

We know you’re busy, so we won’t dally any further.  Let’s get to it!


Pexda vs
Pexda – Home Page

Pexda is one of the most well-known product hunt apps in the ecommerce marketplace.  It has been used widely since at least 2017, which many users see as a plus. They have had a chance to test the software in the marketplace and work out any issues.  

You can also rest easy knowing they probably won’t stop supporting it any time soon. In fact, some recent revisions have improved the way the app performs and updated its look.  But none of that matters if it doesn’t find you the hottest products, of course. Let’s take a look and see how it performs.

We’re going to start by looking at the pricing plans this time.  Normally we don’t do this. We believe the best practice is to understand the value a product app provides, then consider the price to see if it’s worth it.  But with Pexda we need to talk about their different plans up front, because…well, you’ll see.

The most basic plan, which is essentially is their trial plan, will cost you $1.95 for the first fourteen days.  If you continue using the product that price increases to about $15 per month. If you upgrade to the Premium plan it will cost you $25 per month, and if you go all the way to their Ultimate plan prepare to pay an upwards of $100 per month.

Pexda vs
Pexda – Pricing

Unfortunately, you really have to buy at least the Premium plan to get value out of this software.  This is because many of the products Pexda finds are only available to Premium or Ultimate members. And yes, there are products for Premium members and products for Ultimate members.  So, unless you pay $100, expect to see products you can’t access with your plan.

As for the products themselves, the suggestions aren’t bad.  

Pexda offers a wide variety of ideas for your store, which can be great if you operate a general store.  If you are more of a niche retailer, however, it can be frustrating. You will probably find yourself sorting through a bunch of products that aren’t right for you.

Pexda is also helpful with all the standard analytics.  It shows you the estimated product cost and suggested pricing and profit margins.  And also tells you, at a glance, where the product is currently found (Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc.)  Adding to that, it also links to at least one AliExpress listing, if there is one available. This can help you choose products where you might be able to enjoy exclusivity for a while.  

Pexda – Dashboard

And, as any ecommerce retailer knows, exclusivity is a like a gold mine in this business.

Pexda, like other research apps, is also there to help you launch the product.  It offers high-quality images and (usually) helpful ad copy. Both of these things can make the process of listing the product smoother.  

They can also give your listing a more professional appearance.  Pexda goes a little further with not one, but two built-in videos for most products.  Not only can these videos add flavor to your listing, but they can help you generate your Facebook Video Ads campaign too.

When it comes to building an audience for those Facebook ads, Pexda falls a little flat.  There is a tool to help you piggyback off other certain websites’ traffic. This can be a great way to select your initial audience.  But it is only available with the Ultimate subscription, so it’s not a great option for anyone operating on a budget.

Pexda vs
Pexda – Product Dashboard

Overall, Pexda is an acceptable option for anyone looking to find this season’s hottest products.  The interface is clean and professional looking and the layout is intuitive. Navigation can sometimes be a bit tricky, but it rarely feels like the app is broken or designed poorly.  But it’s one of the most expensive apps out there, assuming you buy the Ultimate plan. And it can be very frustrating if you don’t because you’ll miss out on some of its hottest products!

If you read our previous article, or the one before that comparing to Product List Genie, then much of this might be a review. But we will go over the key features for anyone who is new to the series.

Ecomhunt vs - Dropshipping – Dashboard

And we will review the software in a different light with this comparison, so everyone can learn a few new things.

We opened up the Pexda conversation by talking about the cost, so let’s be consistent and do the same with  Like Pexda, does not offer a free trial. But, unlike Pexda, they do offer a seven-day money back guarantee. This means you have a chance to play around with the software, with full functionality, for up to a week before you make any kind of commitment.

If you decide you like it, the basic plan is a few dollars more per month than Pexda ($27 per month, instead of $15).  But, even with the basic plan, you get full access to all products. In this way, allows you to launch your business on a budget without restricting yourself to ‘budget’ products.  Then, as you start to see some cash flow, you can invest in premium memberships and unlock the more advanced tools.

Does that mean treats all products equally and forces you to sift through them if you want to find the true hot products? – Engagement Calculator

Absolutely not. includes built-in “hotness categories,” which you can use zero in on the type of product that’s right for you.  A “Super Duper Hot” product is one that has already taken off. There is still time to cash in on it, but you need to act fast. And the competition will be heated, so you need to get things right the first time.  

That means a high-quality supplier, on-time delivery, and a perfect pricing strategy. If you don’t execute perfectly there is a high risk that a competitor will steal your business. This means it is easy to lose the money you invest in inventory, marketing or anything else you needed to launch.

If, on the other hand, you want something a little safer, you might want to check out some of the “Hot” or even “Warm” products.  These items don’t have a lot of competition just yet, so you have more time to figure things out. These items are perfect for anyone who is still learning their business.  

But what about after you choose your product? Does offer the same features Pexda does to help you make it a success?

In a word, yes. includes the same quality ad copy – images and text – to make listing your product easier.  If you are listing on Shopify it goes even further with its 1 Click Import feature. With just one easy click of the mouse, you can import your new product into your retail store and start attracting customers.

One thing doesn’t offer is canned videos of your product. – Video Ads Generator

But, in many ways, what it has is even better: The Facebook Video Ads Generator.  You can read more about generating top-notch ads for your Facebook Video campaign in our article, The Ultimate Facebook Video Ad Guide.  For now, it suffices to say that the Facebook Video Ads Generator is a useful tool to help you put those principles into practice.

As far as audience targeting goes,’s Facebook Ads Audience Builder offers the same functionality as the targeting feature in Pexda.  You can browse a list of websites related to your product and choose the ones whose traffic you would like to target with your ads. In this way, you can build an engaged audience for any Facebook Video Ads campaign you choose to generate.

Pexda vs – Audience Builder: Target Suggestions

So that’s about it for the functionality of  It also has a clean, professional interface, similar to Pexda, and its navigation is just as smooth and intuitive. offers one or two things outside of product functionality to set them apart, however. They have a unique loyalty program which rewards long-term users with exclusive content.  They also offer a referral program, so loyal users can benefit from helping them grow their customer base.


As you can see, both Pexda and offer high-quality ways to find the best hot products.  Beyond that, they both include support to help users launch the products they choose., however, seems to have a lot more features, and they do it for a lot less money.  

The 1 Click Import Feature, the Facebook Video Ads Generator, and the Facebook Ads Audience Builder all match or exceed what Pexda is able to offer.  

Add to this the fact that you need to pay for the Ultimate membership to unlock full functionality in Pexda and there really is no contest. is the better choice to help you start – and grow – your online retail business. You can start using today with a 7 day money back guarantee here.

I hope you enjoyed this in depth comparison and do let us know what other content you’d like to see on our blog in the comments, below!

As always,

Happy Selling

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